Frequently Asked Questions About Donating

Why should I donate to a service that already collects tax money?

Danville Ambulance Service does not receive any tax dollars or subsidiaries, making it more difficult to purchase the latest up-to-date technology to provide industry-leading care to the community. Your donations are placed towards the purchase of new equipment, vehicle maintenance, facility upkeep, and continuing education to ensure that the community receives the most up-to-date and quality care possible.

Where should I mail my donation?

You can send donations to us at our main address, which is:

Danville Ambulance Service
740 A Street,
Danville, PA 17821

I want to make a large donation or I do not feel comfortable mailing money. Where can I take my donation to ensure you receive it?

You can bring your donation to our Administration Building which is located to the rear of our garage at the address mentioned above.


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